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Maxicare Health Equipment

Maxicare Health was one of the pioneering companies to introduce a new concept to the Medical Industry, the concept of Floor & Slimline, Low Level Care Beds. The Industry at that stage was not really ready to accept our design as this was our new concept of giving care.

Most of our competitors in the Industry thought this was not achievable, but with perseverance and the quality product that is the Floor Care & Slimline, Low Level beds, here we are today helping facilities reduce Injuries to carers and nursing staff and falls to residents and patients.


What can we do for you?

Our Team at Maxicare Health also provide Unique Services to our Customers, Maintaining Electrical and Manual Equipment which is called our Preventative Maintenance Program, for the Medical Industry with the assistance of Linak Australia P/L with their training & procedures in which our Service Team are fully accredited.